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Trauma Management and Critical Incident Service

Under WHS/OHS legislation, organisations are expected to manage psychological and emotional risks and hazards in the workplace. Employers are also expected and take all reasonable steps to look after the mental health of employees.

An obvious example of this, is when the workplace has experienced a traumatic or critical incident. The purpose of the Drake WorkWise Trauma Management & Critical Incident Service is to assist your organisation in providing an effective response to those affected by a critical incident in the workplace, and fulfil its duty of care towards employees.


How We Can Help:

  • Assist your organisation in being "crisis ready";
  • Provide knowledge on how to respond appropriately during a workplace critical incident;
  • Provide practical steps to facilitate individual and organisational recovery;


Incidents That May Require Assistance:

  • Physical assaults and injury;
  • Attempted/completed armed robbery;
  • Death of an employee or client inside or outside the workplace (including natural, accident & suicide);
  • Diagnosis of terminal illness or declining health of employee or client;
  • Verbal and/or physical aggression (perpetrated by clients, customers, work colleagues);
  • Bomb threat;
  • Sabotage or arson;
  • Fire, natural disaster or other emergency

Our objective is to minimise the impact of the incident on staff, facilitating a timely return to work and resumption of normal operations.


The Drake WorkWise Trauma Management model has been developed in conjunction with clinical research since 1998, with demonstrable benefits. Our reporting system ensures a complete record of interventions to ensure Duty of Care is discharged.


Download the Drake WorkWise Trauma Management Booklet here



If you would like to learn more about the assistance provided by the Drake WorkWise Trauma Management Service, please call our:


24 Hour hotline:

Australia 1300 135 600

or your organisation's dedicated 1800 telephone number

New Zealand 0800 452 521


Alternatively, please request contact with one of our Client Relationship Managers - email us here and we will respond as soon as possible.


Please call 000 in Australia or 111 in New Zealand if you feel your safety or another's safety is at risk, and you require emergency assistance.