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EAP - Employee Assistance Program


The EAP provides proactive counselling for work and personal issues which impact on employee wellbeing. The Drake WorkWise EAP provide direct access to a counsellor - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Through our specially developed EAP counselling services, Drake WorkWise provides individuals (and often their immediate family members), with counselling for work related and personal issues. These issues often impact on personal wellbeing, work performance, team morale and psychological health.



Although the EAP service is strictly confidential, our de-identified statistical reports provide invaluable data readings of organisations, enabling critical issues to be identified and addressed early. For your convenience, as a Drake WorkWise client organisation, you can access these reports online using the Client Resource Centre on this website.

The degree of success of any psychological wellbeing initiative lies in the key message contained in the launch. Drake WorkWise has extensive expertise in creating a compelling invitation to motivate employees to take control of their wellbeing, adding value and energy to their working and personal lives. In doing so, we aim to add value, energy and performance to your organisation.

We independently and regularly undertake client satisfaction surveys to ensure maintenance of the highest level of service delivery and clinical outcomes.

Download a Drake WorkWise EAP Counselling Brochure here


Client Organisation Testimonials


"Drake WorkWise has provided EAP, grievance support and trauma counselling services to House with No Steps staff and their families for several years. We have found this service to be an invaluable resource and support for our people. The service provided by Drake WorkWise has been delivered in a professional, responsive and effective way, taking into account the specific needs of our organisation. I would recommend the Drake WorkWise EAP and associated psychological services."

  - Lyn Ainsworth, Executive General Manager - People, Strategy & Partnerships - House With No Steps


"For the past 14 years, Drake WorkWise has provided a 24/7 EAP counselling and Critical incident response service for our 10,000 plus employees, located across Australia. Our HR department has always found their service to be timely, effective and a great source of support and assistance”

 - Elise Heydon, Executive Manager - Diversity, Inclusion, Talent & Project - Broadspectrum

For further information, please request contact with one of our Client Relationship Managers - send us an email here and we will respond as soon as possible.


Alternatively, you may make enquiries by contacting us on:


24 Hour hotline:

Australia 1300 135 600

or your organisation's dedicated 1800 telephone number

New Zealand 0800 452 521


Please call 000 in Australia or 111 in New Zealand if you feel your safety or another's safety is at risk, and you require emergency assistance.