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Conflict Resolution Services


Don't let conflict take hold of your people or teams - Call Drake WorkWise


Drake WorkWise has particular expertise in addressing workplace conflict. This service confidentially, sensitively and independently deals with workplace conflict and seeks, where appropriate, a carefully structured process to temper and resolve issues. Our clinicians work with your employees to reach an agreed to resolution and recommend appropriate changes to avoid recurrence of issues.

Conflict Resolution Services

Drake WorkWise emphasises an approach to conflict resolution is on organisational, individual and relational wellbeing.


The potential cost to your organisation in disputes, legal avenues and conflict is enormous. Conflict Resolution services provide a pathway for organisations, groups and individuals to resolve issues, without expensive and complex legal intervention.


Drake WorkWise Conflict Resolution specialists are Organisational Psychologists & Counsellors, who have managed favourable outcomes for a wide range of organisations since 1998. They offer expertise in psychological and organisational practice and are trained and experienced in all facets of conflict and dispute resolution methods.


If you would like to learn more about the assistance provided by the Drake WorkWise Conflict Resolution Service, please call our:

24 Hour hotline:

Australia 1300 135 600

or your organisation's dedicated 1800 telephone number

New Zealand 0800 452 521


Alternatively, please request contact with one of our Client Relationship Managers -email us here and we will respond as soon as possible.


Please call 000 in Australia or 111 in New Zealand if you feel your safety or another's safety is at risk, and you require emergency assistance.