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Debt Management


Debt isn't just a financial challenge; it's a burden that places enormous strain on the mental and physical well being of individuals.


Debt stress can have a serious impact on wellbeing, by contributing to issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. When people are stressed, they often attempt to cope with it in unproductive ways, which may place additional strain on the individual and those around them.


The Drake WorkWise EAP has a partnership with a Government Registered, Debt Management specialist. This service encourages better debt management and financial literacy through free tools and one-on-one assessments. Our Debt Management service is for people looking to manage their debts and gain financial security.


As part of the Drake WorkWise EAP, our partnership with the specialist service offers practical solutions to the personal burden created by financial issues.


To access this service please contact the Drake WorkWise EAP on our -

24 Hour hotline:

Australia 1300 135 600

New Zealand 0800 452 521


Alternatively, send us an email here and we will respond as soon as possible.