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What is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)?

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program. The EAP provides proactive counselling for work and personal issues, which impact on employee wellbeing. We offer direct access to a counsellor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


How much does it cost?

The EAP is a free service for employees, and often their immediate family members. It is a program paid for by your employer, with a set number of sessions available per person, per 12 month period.


How do I know if I am eligible for an EAP?

If your employer has an EAP, they will generally communicate this to you, or there will be promotional information around the workplace. If you are unsure who your EAP is, please ask your Human Resources department or other Management personnel.


Who will know I have used the EAP?

The Drake WorkWise EAP service is 100% confidential. Unless you request that an individual be notified by giving written consent for this, nobody will be informed of your attendance or the details. surrounding your EAP counselling.


What is reported to my employer?

The Drake WorkWise EAP only reports to your employer with non-identifying statistical group data.
Reporting is undertaken to assist your employer to assess the value of the service.


How do I access the EAP?

We can be contacted 24 hours a day, by calling 1300 135 600 within Australia and on 0800 452 521. Please note, these hotline numbers can only be accessed within Australian and New Zealand territories.

Alternatively, please Email Us and our Intake team will respond as soon as possible (i.e. - the next available business day).


What kinds of qualifications do the EAP providers have?

Our staff are experienced, registered, psychologists and counsellors. All of our providers have many years experience in providing counselling services to our client organisations. The 24 hour telephone hotline provides direct access at all times. 
If you immediately require the attention of the Drake WorkWise EAP please call:


24 Hour hotline:

Australia 1300 135 600

New Zealand 0800 452 521


Please call 000 in Australia or 111 in New Zealand if you feel your safety or another's safety is at risk, and you require emergency assistance.